How we got here

The Ski Week Vision

To create extraordinary experiences that spread joy, spark an appreciation for our planet and inspire curious adventurers to become part of our global family.


The Ski Week way


Skiing just got social

Talk to stangers, invite them into your experience and expand the size of that group photo!


Respect your habitat

Leave it better than you found it. This goes for everything from your apartment to your mountain


Run towards spontaneity

And away from bears. Take your trip with wide arms and an open heart. It’s about seizing the opportunities the world has given you


At your pace

Push yourself to try new things but always within your own limits. That goes for siestas and fiestas alike


Get involved

The stage is set. We build it all for you. We want you to leave feeling like you've done it all


Enjoy the ride

If it's not fun, it never happened

Meet the team

The Man with the Plan

The reason our adventure began… Leo is our founder so it goes without saying, if he isn’t seeking adventure - adventure is seeking him! When he’s not exploring mountain tops, he is most likely skiing round the Norweigan backcountry, only to jump straight onto a yacht all in time to sail off into the sunset!

Happiness Hero

Although Lyds is based in the London office as our Customer Service Manager for most of the year, not much will keep her from any opportunity to be out in the mountains - she even battled through a broken leg to stay out in the Alps on her ski season!


Our Scottish sweetheart! It’s hard to talk to this lovely lady without a smile on your face. Catch her out on the slopes during winter, but in her other life you’ll find her by the sea - scuba diving, and soaking up the sun.

Music of the Mountains

Joining us all the way from Brisbane, Australia. In classic TSW and TYW fashion, Tom is another tattooed, man-bunned DJ - but he brings a sound all his own. spinning on the decks, pushing it to 11, and playing the tastiest tunes.

Aspen's queen

Her love for adventure and adrenaline coupled with an unquenchable desire to party all the time has carried her across the globe. In the summer months she runs operations for The Ski Week's sister company The Yacht Week in Greece. This winter she is stoked to be overseeing TSW Aspen once again!


iIt is impossible to chat to Rosalie and not come away without feeling ready to ‘Carpe Skiem’. She is a TSW veteran, and can answer any question going... and also gives out free hugs! Look out for on her board, you’ll spot her smile from a mile off!


Tony escaped to the high seas and has been sailing ever since! He is taking a rare step away from the seas to head to the slopes - if you find this bearded scallywag out and about, take a shot of tequila together, but don’t forget the lime to avoid scurvy.