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Spring skiing at its finest

Live the mountain dream under blazing blue skies, host huge long-table banquets, ski right to the dance floor, and out-dance the sunset every day. The legendary peaks of Aspen Snowmass is the perfect gateway to experience the North American ski world in a week-long outdoor celebration of life, travel, and adventure.

Aspen Highlights

This is what to expect from the week, along with a few extra surprises along the way




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  • "The Ski Week is a life changing experience!

    Dani B

  • "The best way to experience the mountains!


  • "One of the best weeks of my life! They have this trip well organized and there is always something epic planned. I went solo and left with 8 new best friends that will be doing another trip soon together.

    Will S

  • Tickets from USD$725 include:

    Access to exclusive events

    As a guest you will have exclusive access to the events and parties we host.


    An apartment in The Ski Week private house is part of the package.

    TSW Concierge

    We know these mountains as well as our home towns. Whatever you're looking for, we'll help you find it.

    Ski pass for your days

    Valid for all mountains. Full week 6-days // Weekend 2-days

    Where you stay

    Accommodation includes:

    • Pool

    • Hot-tub & Steam Room

    • 24h concierge

    • TSW Village

    • 10m to slopes

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    At The Ski Week we welcome all skiers or snowboarders, it does not matter which level you're at. However, you need to be minimum 21 years old. The mindset we stand for is also that we first and foremost ski, then we celebrate


    Aspen has it's own airport (ASE) only 15 minutes away from where we'll be staying. Denver airport (DEN) is also an option but it will take you 3-4 hours to get to the mountains, depending on traffic.


    We organise free of charge shuttles from Aspen airport. There is no need to reserve in advance for these. From Denver there are buses running every second hour for around USD$120 each way, Another option from Denver is to rent a car, which can often work out more economical (depending on your group size). Parking is available in Snowmass from USD$10 per day.


    The Ski Week Aspen starts at 4pm on Thursday the 11th of April. You can check in to your apartment from 3pm so we recommend arriving around then to get your ski rentals and stock up on food from the local supermarket before the events kick off.


    The ski pass is valid for the full ski area (Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk). For the weekend the pass is valid for 2 days. You can add extra days at USD$60 upon request to


    Yes you can book ski lessons upon arrival. We help book you directly with the local ski school. Price for ski lessons is USD$100-250/day depending on which option you choose.


    You will have to cover your own food and drinks throughout the weekend. Expect to pay about USD$20 for lunch, USD$30-50 for dinner and USD$6 for a beer. Ski/board rental (USD$200-300) is possible to add if needed as well.


    A public car park is located next next to where we stay. The price is USD$10/day.