Spring skiing at its finest

Live the mountain dream under blazing blue skies, host huge long-table banquets, ski right to the dance floor, and out-dance the sunset every day. The legendary peaks of Aspen Snowmass is the perfect gateway to experience the North American ski world in a week-long outdoor celebration of life, travel, and adventure.


Week or Weekend?

April 5-12

The Ski Week Aspen Snowmass

A sensational week of skiing, après-ski partying, bespoke activations and signature events. The week gives you more time to ski & explore. Trust us Aspen Snowmass is the best during spring, and you'll want to take your time to experience it all.

April 9-12

The Ski Week-End Aspen Snowmass

The very best of our week-long activations condensed into one long weekend, from Thursday to Sunday in April. You will be able to do some of our signature events, such as; Pond Skim, Torchlight Decent, Parade of Nations and Mountain Banquet.

Event weeks

Tickets from $775 include:

Access to exclusive events

Access to exclusive events

As a guest you will have exclusive access to the events and parties we host.



An apartment in The Ski Week private house is part of the package.

TSW Concierge

TSW Concierge

We know these mountains as well as our home towns. Whatever you're looking for, we'll help you find it.

Ski pass for your days

Ski pass for your days

Valid for all mountains. Full week 6-days // Weekend 2-days

Accommodation includes:

• Pool

• Hot-tub & Steam Room

• 24h concierge

• TSW Village

• 10m to slopes