Meet the team

We are 30+ people who appreciate humour, good food, great friends, music, travel - obviously, beautiful design, quality code, a friendly work atmosphere and believe passionately in the spirit of adventure.

Barry Gifford

Yet another Zimbabwean. Barry's strengths lie in hospitality, holidays and brewing. Favourite thing about the office: the dress-code, or lack of it.

Leo Alsved

Founder of The Ski Week. Swedish action man who’s rarely seen in the office. From professional sailor to rad ski-weeker.

Nikolina Zrinski

A Croatian with a love for salt & vinegar chips and riding the bus. Inspired by: people, different perspectives, travel and the moon.

Mark Speight

Ops and orienteering director. Previous experience: British Army. Believer in triumph over adversity.

Lucy Greenhill

Meet Luce. Aka: the office trendsetter. Master of the pivot table. Desert island item: bikini.

Will Weeks

The loudest talker and typer in the office. Goes by the email signature: WW2 (against his wishes).

Johanna Menzel

J-dog. Mother hen of the office. Most overused word: no. Often found keeping the founders in check.

Paul Lynch

Find Paul being quiet in the corner, soaking up the chilled vibes whilst managing our finances. Give Paul a beer and out comes the lad.

Rhys Foley

What is Rhys most notorious for? Being "that tattooed guy", although we can't work out why...

Vojtech Hejda

Just a Czech guy with a love for beer and suggest fest Fridays.

Ben Littlestone

Notorious for trying to be cool by recalling a catch phrase, but doing it totally wrong.

Michael Crisp

Crispy. A man of many words. 41 Yacht Weeks sailed. Great peacock impression.

Paul Lojszczyk

DJ Paul. Inspired by music and the mountains. He’s heads and shoulders above the rest. Literally.

Lydia Barnard

Lyds is notorious for: not knowing a "normal" pasta size portion. Her desert island item is SPF50.

Saskia Campbell

When asked what her go-to d-floor move is, she answered 'The Smoke Bomb'. What is this you ask? "Where you disappear and take yourself to bed. For best results, perform at 9pm".

Sabina Erlingson

This Swedish ski sensation is inspired by music, people and travel. Answers to Sabins.

Ella Thorogood

She may always be cold, but she's got a warm heart. And an obsession with mac & cheese.

Arturo Salazar Moreira

Fun fact: Arturo has the same middle name as the Slytherin captain. His favourite thing about the office is the people. Inspired by: Good music, good food and travel.

Rosie Adkins

Just a small town girl with a big love for halloumi. And adventures. And adventures with halloumi.

Will Curtis

Our youngest Will of the 3 is ironically old before his time.

Rebecca Florissi

Half italian, half brazilian. Notorious for being an admin whizz. Desert island item: pizza.

Tom White

Tommy is most notorious for terrible, terrible content. And also being very loud. It's lucky he works in sales then.

Tom Waugh

Tom’s visited 21 countries in his life. Inspired by innovation and a full coffee pot.

Patryk Zatorski

Our polish mobile developer is really passionate about programming. He's also a trained life guard. Caught: eating his mum’s pierogi.

Ondrej Horovsky

Ondrej's desert island item would be an emergency GPS watch so that he can be rescued - can you tell he works in tech?

Sean Hindle

Sean'a'paul. Serial hat wearer. Like Santa- is he even real? Can speak Japanese.

Marijana Grgic

Looks like Lara Croft. Plays handball like her too. Find her on the dance floor.

Chelsea-Ann Afreh

Chelsea wins best 1st day in the office! She spent hers meeting the team in the Alps on our Ski Week event.