The Ski Week Principles

Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 2nd August 2023

We are an open-minded community of friends. One that respects the environment and are incredibly lucky to experience some of the world's most beautiful locations. We are committed to keeping them that way, so we expect our crew & guests to follow 6 simple principles:

1. Put the 'we' in ski weeker

Adjust your altitude. Talk to strangers, welcome them into your experience and never miss the group photo.

2. Respect your habitat

Leave it better than you found it. This goes for everything from your apartment to your mountain.

3. Run towards spontaneity

And away from bears. Take your trip with wide arms and an open heart. It's about seizing the opportunities the world has provided you.

4. Always at your own pace

Push yourself to try new things but always within your own limits. That goes for siestas and fiestas alike.

5. Get involved

The stage is set. We build it all for you. We want you to leave feeling like you’ve done it all.

6. Enjoy the ride

If it isn’t fun. It doesn’t count.

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