TSW Trailer Throwback

Cara Whiteman

By Cara Whiteman

Posted on 2nd February 2021

Time to trade the bikini for a beanie! In earnest anticipation of the powder days ahead, we've been getting nostalgic... So what better way to embrace the winter wanderlust by rewatching our favourite TSW Trailers.

Our 2021 trailer will be dropping THIS SUNDAY... Don't forget to sign up here to receive a sneaky first peek, not to mention many other TSW perks!

And now, without further ado...


The Ski Week is what you make of it. For us, it’s the ultimate celebration of life, exploration and skiing amid breathtaking mountain backdrops. With a series of slopeside spectacles ready, we’re just waiting for that first snowflake to fall so that we can dance to the music of the mountains once again.

We loved hearing what our guests had to say when remisicing about the last 6 years of TSW, so wanted to share it with the rest of the world in our 2020 trailer!


From top to bottom we’ve tried and tested the very best experiences you could imagine on snow… And now it’s your turn.

Come one, come all! We’ve curated one hell of a week, in 3 different continents worldwide. TSW is more than a skillset, it's a mindset... but we'll let our 2019 trailer do the talking!


When did you last experience your first? Was it back in 2018 when this trailer was released, or are you yet to join us on a mountaintop adventure?

We set the stage for epic slopeside spectacles with breathtaking backdrops on our handpicked mountains worldwide. Whether it be crossing the pond, breaking bread on a 200 person snow table or out-dancing the sunset, we take pride in our thirst for adventure.

So let’s run towards spontaneity, TSW way… Are you with us?


There’s a new way to ski the world and it goes beyond the realm of first and last lifts. Here at TSW, we curate jaw-dropping mountain moments that will go beyond your wildest winter dreams...

But don’t take our word for it. Watch our 2017 trailer to hear it straight from those who’ve joined us. Just remember, it’s only a dream until you do it.


With 2016 bringing some of the best snowfall predicted on record, our crew were hungry to conquer new peaks...

And just like that, TSW Japan was born. We called up our friends and traversed the globe to deep dive into snow fluffier than our wildest powder dreams.

Who would be in your crew for the most epic mountain adventure yet?


After we launched TSW in 2014, we sold out 400 spots in under an hour when bookings opened, now it's time to continue our throwback with the trailer for our sophomore outing in 2015!

Since then, we’ve taken over 4000 of you to our favourite mountains worldwide, and after missing half of our season this year we plan to more than make up for it! Our return to the peaks is on the horizon, and we can't wait to be back.


What better way to get psyched up for our next mountain adventure, than throwing it back to where it all began with our 2014 trailer.

Who’s getting goosebumps at the thought of how we’ll spend our next winter together? I know we are…


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