A Day at TSW Aspen

Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 19th August 2019

Live the spring-skiing dream under blazing blue skies in the USA’s most fabled mountain town, joined by 500 adventurers from around the globe, all gathered in celebration of life, travel and adventure. Aspen Snowmass is home to 4 peaks of world class terrain, and responsible for countless pages of pioneering ski history but it doesn’t stop there, you’ll be hosting long-table banquets, skiing onto dance floors and revelling through the sunset everyday on a curated itinerary of the best possible experiences Aspen has to offer. The perfect gateway to the ski world, in a week-long celebration of mountain life. Reading about it is one thing, but to experience it, is a whole other.

Morning First Chairlift on Snowmass Early mornings are rewarded with fresh coffee, ski yoga, and (most importantly) a spot on the first chairlift of the day. Here is where you meet the go-getters in your squad and team up for real adventure. From beginners all the way to seasoned veterans, the energy is palpable in anticipation for the ski day to begin. Once you reach the peak you will learn very quickly just how big your playground is, and it’s not going to ski itself!

Highland Bowl Hike Feed the explorer in you, with an early hike into Aspen’s most epic terrain. Tackling the legendary Highland Bowl is a rite of passage among locals and a true jewel in the landscape of the rockies. Team up with friends to embrace a hardy uphill hike and unlock fields and forests of sensational terrain, all for the taking once you’ve earned the altitude. The views from the peak are unforgettable, but it’s the descent that dreams are made of.


Afternoon Mountain Banquet When the clock strikes lunch hour, gather up at middle-mountain to kick off your skis and throw on your faux furs, it’s time to dine Aspen style. That means a curated menu of healthy gourmet treats, accompanied by champagne service throughout, all served up on the world’s longest table above 10,000ft, against an epic backdrop of world class skiable terrain. Lunch doesn’t get much better than this.

Parade of Nations When the sun is high in the sky, gather up at the peak for a very special ceremony. Ready your country flags, apply your glitter, and get ready to experience all nations of The Ski Week riding together and shining bright as the parade flies down the slopes. This is quite the spectacle to watch, but even more so to take part in. Prepare to spread infectious good vibes all over the mountain on your way.

Evening Après-Ski In perfect position at the finish line to a great day of skiing, there has never been a better way to end your day. Ski right up to the patio, kick off your gear, jump in the pool, wink at the gondola flying overhead, then have your margarita delivered to poolside. You have all day to high five the DJ, because you’ll be dancing through sundown as your squad gathers. Now is the time to toast to victories on the slopes, discoveries in the village, and laugh at best crashes from the week so far.

Torchlight Descent After sundown, grab the best skiers in your squad and load the private chairlift to the peak. Once night falls properly, strike your flare and light up the darkness with the fire of a few hundred torches skiing in unison. Looking back at the glowing procession of friends is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the hero’s welcome at the bottom will top it all. Some magical moments will never be forgotten.

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