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Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 17th July 2019

The Ski Week has planned some incredible activities & awesome adventures to immerse you in the local culture as much as possible. Any activities that must be booked and paid in advance will be available to purchase on your booking profile and also below. Take our word for it, you don’t want to miss out! Think now, not when. For any questions or help booking, feel free to contact us at and we’ll get you sorted!

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Pre-Piste Tokyo Join us for a whirlwind of curated experiences in the most immersive city in the world, designed to showcase the very best of Tokyo off the beaten path. You will encounter street markets, Mario Kart, sky deck sunsets, opulent karaoke lounges and maybe even a pod hotel experience for the brave. We recommend that guests arrive into Tokyo by Saturday 8th February to experience the wonders that the city has to offer. We will head to dinner at Gonpachi Nishiazabu, also known as the 'Kill Bill' restaurant. You can choose from the regular izakaya restaurant or sushi restaurant. We recommend you make your reservation for 20:00 directly with the restaurant well in advance. After dinner, get ready to grab the mic and sing your heart out! Follow TSW team to our favourite Karaoke bar. Sushi Making What’s really going to maki this experience soya awesome is rolling with the homies down to homemade sushi making. Learn, from Japanese chefs, how to make that sushi roll (cue music). After this you can go home to impress your family or why not make it on your next date… Book on your TSW booking profile. Cost: €55 pp (approx. JPY 6,700) Other details: Exclusive dinner experience includes trained sushi making from Hokkaido chefs, ingredients, chef’s special sushi tasting & sake pairing. Check out all of our Tokyo top tips here, for more information about the day! Off Piste Guides with Hanazono Backcountry Tours Want an expert mountain guides to match your vibe and guide you through the mountains of Niseko? Well lucky for you, they are ready and waiting to share their secrets, show you new angles and help you unlock what you love most about the sport. To book, please email our concierge service at: Cost: Prices will vary based on number of guests in your group & choice of full or half day excursion. Read more about the full or half day excursions here. We suggest booking this on the Wednesday or Friday morning of the week to be sure not to miss out on other TSW activities! Cat Skiing Japan is infamous for its mythically deep powder, the #1 best way to experience it is with a private cat-ski tour. Gather your crew and set off on a full day guided expedition and prepare to see backcountry skiing in a whole new way. Unlimited fields of untouched terrain await you, in the quintessential powderhound experience. Book here Cost: JPY 3,900 (approx. €300pp) Other details: Read more about the experience here. We suggest booking this on the Wednesday or Friday of the week to be sure not to miss out on other TSW activities! Snowmobile Tours If you like to ride on the wild side, this one’s for you. Experience Niseko’s gorgeous forests, hidden trails and backcountry bowls behind the handlebars of your own machines. Courses available for both beginner to advanced snowmobilist. Book here Cost: JPY 13,000 (approx. €100pp) Other details: Read more about the excursions here, which are about 1-2hrs in length. We suggest booking this on the Wednesday or Friday morning of the week to be sure not to miss out on other TSW activities! Rusutsu Day Trip Only 30 minutes drive from Niseko is an entirely new mountain: the promised land of Rusutsu. Notorious for its bizarre base village, legendary explorative terrain, and iconic skiable abandoned fairground, when timed with snow conditions this day trip is an essential piece of explorative adventure. Day trip bookable through NGS here, it includes bus transfer and 1 day lift pass.

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Ski Instructor If you feel like you need a little bit extra time before hitting the mountains of Grand Hirafu, we will have ski instructors ready for you on the first day. They will help the first-timers to the ones that just want that extra nudge before heading out. Cost: Provided by TSW, please sign up upon check-in! Backcountry Onsen Hike Legend has it, if you ski the backside of Niseko and hike a trail into the wilderness, there is an entirely natural onsen (hot spring) waiting for you as the adventurer’s prize. Soak in the fabled restorative waters, as you take in one the true gems of Japanese culture surrounded by zen winter wilderness and happy comrades. Cost: Hike is Free, Onsen has an entry fee of approx. JPY 1,000 (€8pp). Expert skiers only. Must have avalanche gear to join. Village Onsens Japan is known for its Onsens (hot springs) and Niseko is full of them. Find the perfect Village Onsen for you and soak in the fabled restorative water, as you experiences one of the true gems of Japanese culture. Cost: Prices vary based on the Onsen you choose to visit - they are plentiful in Niseko! Ice Fishing Hike into the centre of a frozen lake, then drill through the ice to hunt for wild rainbow trout in this half-day guided ice fishing expedition. Dressing warm is essential, because the hunter gatherers who bring home the spoils are guaranteed to feed their entire crew in truly gourmet fashion.

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Après-Ski Après-ski in the Japanese mountains, how perfect is that? Loud tunes, ever-flowing beer and the ability to dance on every surface available. Challenge accepted. Japanese Dinners Every cultural exploration is filled with surprise and delight, but none quite like the experience of authentic Japanese dining. Most restaurants and izakaya are tight spaces meant for small groups, but every single door will take you on a journey you never expected, from sushi to ramen, teppanyaki, shabu-shabu, and even the fabled nomihodai. Explore bravely and you shall be rewarded! TSW will provide recommendations & contact information once we release the itinerary and then we suggest you book dinners for the week in advance Hut Lunch 100% too small to fit everyone, these huts are easily the coolest lunch spots on the Niseko mountain. Choose from Lookout Café, Paradise Hut, 1000m Hut, and Boyo-so. Or better yet, check out all of them. There is no such thing as too much ramen when you are working hard on the mountain, are we right?? Karaoke The Japanese do karaoke like nobody else, and the infinitely entertaining tradition has become a rite of passage among friends and travellers alike. That’s why we head to Tokyo’s most beautiful karaoke club, for a private session of timeless classics, power ballads, and genre defining anthems. Remember, he who dares, wins! Night Skiing Night skiing in Japan is like skiing on the moon, with your friends. At sundown, they kick on the floodlights and we like to pick one chairlift to session as a squad, that means high fives all round, bragging rights from the chairlifts, and some of the most expansive night-ski terrain available in the world.

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