109 reasons to #spamyourfam with this Christmas

Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 12th December 2018

This Christmas we're stoked to be introducing SOLO SPOTS exclusively to Canada! Add a trip to Canada to your wish list this festive season and #spamthefam with the following 109 reasons to convince them to contribute to your solo spot.

Here you go:

  1. I want to become better at skiing/boarding
  2. The snow is insane
  3. I could learn how to do backcountry.
  4. I could go heli-skiing
  5. The open road is calling my name
  6. I'm bored of waking up in the same place every day
  7. I need the digital detox
  8. I get to go off-grid
  9. I want the stamp in my passport
  10. I'm trying to tick off more countries in my travel list
  11. This would equivalent to 24 pairs of socks, 8 selection boxes, a fragrance I don't like and a naff Christmas jumper
  12. I was born for #vanlife
  13. Think of all the road snacks
  14. I have a great singing voice and there'll be plenty of opportunities to tune my vocals
  15. I have 21 questions to keep everyone entertained
  16. I'm a comedian, they need me
  17. I'm a master at I-spy or punch buggy
  18. I get to hang out with my pals for an entire week
  19. There'll be bonfires and toasted marshmallows
  20. I get to travel and ski at my own pace
  21. I'll bring up the convoy
  22. I know all of the lyrics to "Ride Wit Me" and now's my chance to prove it
  23. I might bring home a moose
  24. The scenery is a sight for sore eyes
  25. It's essentially The Yacht Week on snow
  26. I'll learn how to make a circle raft
  27. I'll be part of a tunnel raft
  28. There'll be great whiskey- I might bring you some back
  29. I can put maple syrup on anything and it is considered normal
  30. It's always ski in ski out
  31. I'll be a snowball throws away from the slopes at all times
  32. Canadians are hella friendly
  33. Everyone's of a similar mindset
  34. I'll make friends with the staff
  35. I'll meet the official TSW team
  36. I'll visit Revelstoke
  37. I'll visit Silverstar
  38. I'll visit Sunpeaks
  39. I'll be at one with nature
  40. I'll get to stay in a fancy Hotel
  41. Pool parties in the minuses
  42. I can go with my best mate
  43. I can chase powder
  44. I can play ice hockey
  45. I can build the world's biggest snowman
  46. I can enter competitions
  47. I can win more stuff
  49. There'll be snowshoe hikes
  50. Riding with The Yeti
  51. I'll be making connections
  52. I might find myself
  53. I might lose myself
  54. I could meet the love of my life
  55. I'll be ticking off an NY resolution
  56. I'll try my hand at cross-country skiing
  57. I'll become a yoga-pro
  58. I'll learn to line dance
  59. Family dinners- I might gain table manners
  60. I might learn to share
  61. BBQing in winter
  62. There'll be frozen lakes that I can skate on
  63. #vanlife in VANcouver
  64. I'll be part of a movement
  65. The coffee & the beer
  66. Early bird catches the first lift
  67. I'll be exercising all day, e'ryday
  68. Ski socks are way more practical than Grandma's knits
  69. I've not liked your gifts for the past 3x years. I know I'll love this.
  70. Presents are fleeting, memories are forever
  71. It'll be the best week of my life
  72. When Christmas is all said and done, I'll still have something to look forward to
  73. Save the trees, you don't need to wrap this gift
  74. I'll become a more well-rounded person; cultured, thankful and with tons of new friends
  75. I'll be eternally grateful
  76. Ticking off the bucket list
  77. Pics to keep the parents happy
  78. Up my 'gram game
  79. I'm a HUGE Belieber
  80. Trudeau's the second best Justin out of Canada since Bieber
  81. I will have tales to tell the grandkids
  82. I'm upping my chances of marrying Ryan Gosling
  83. I might follow in Seth Rogan's footsteps and become Superbad
  84. I need a one dance with Drake
  85. Honey, I might bump into Jessica Alba
  86. I deserve a break from work
  87. I need a break from work
  88. I've never been to Canada before
  89. There'll be snow-chains on every RV - safety first, Mum
  90. I'll die happy
  91. I'll come back with playlists for every occasion
  92. Every Christmas should be a white Christmas- even if it's not technically Christmas when I go
  93. Adventure is the ultimate gift
  94. It's been saved on my insta roll for the past year
  95. Cause everyone else is doing it
  96. I'm travelling solo because friends are family and I want a big one 👊see you in Canada powder
  97. I'll get to ride dirty with the Yeti
  98. Skiing is life
  99. The snow is insane
  100. I didn't become a crew member, this is the next best thing
  101. Spicy Caesar cocktail... 10K better than Bloody Mary
  102. Cause distance makes the heart grow fonder and you'd have a break from parenting a w-h-o-l-e week
  103. Cause we have booked and are so excited
  104. Mon - booked a spontaneous trip to Vail. Tues - ✈️, Wed - Ski fresh powder, Thurs - take me back
  105. I want a bigger family
  106. Take Burning Man and add skis...
  107. I have never seen snow
  108. Because I live in Australia... The snow here is terrible, and the Pow in Canada is amazing
  109. I might meet my future spouse and move to the Cayman Islands with them
Thanks for your contributions folks, we hope you get what you really want this Christmas 😏

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