Getting There and Checking In

Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 2nd November 2018

Plan your trip

The Ski Week Canada officially begins at 10am on Saturday, the first day of your trip. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the best airport to fly into, and if you are travelling from afar we recommend that you arrive into Vancouver a day early to avoid any potential weather delays. Lucky for you Vancouver is a beautiful city with plenty of activities and culinary wonders. It’s worth checking out. Your RV pick-up is located 25 mins from YVR airport: CanaDream RV Rentals Vancouver 92 Street, Delta, British Columbia, Canada Load up your google maps here.

To Do Before You Arrive

  • Fill out your crew list
We want your holiday to get off to the perfect start, so please ensure your crew list is completed 4 weeks prior to arrival. Simply log-in to your booking and add your crew following the steps given. This is also the perfect place to provide us with your approx arrival time and any dietary restrictions. It'll only take a minute or two and this is what you need to do if you want to get your wristband on arrival.
  • Check-in online
Once you have completed your crew list, you can save a lot of time on site if you all check-in online. Each member of the crew must do this before arrival so we know to staff up for peak times!
  • Check in to your RV
You will need your lead booker's last name, arrival date, Vancouver as the pick-up location and your 7-digit apartment number on your TSW booking profile. 
  • Purchase your Mountain Banquet Ticket
The Ski Week has taken over Revelstoke's Revelation Lodge for a mid-week party on the mountain. This is one dinner you won't want to miss. Tickets will launch November 1st.

When you arrive

All guests should be at CanaDream between 10am and 3pm to meet The Ski Week crew and to pick up the sweetest of rides before setting off on the road trip of a lifetime. If you are unable to make this timeframe, please inform us at your earliest convenience so that we can plan accordingly. The key to success here is arriving early, that way you can get on the road asap to your first destination, SunPeaks, which is a scenic 5 hours drive from Vancouver. Once you arrive at CanaDream, head to The Ski Week reception to collect your TSW wristband. You will then be able to check in your RV and go through RV orientation with our trusted CanaDream staff. Drivers: The driver(s) must be present to fully check into your RV. You will have two drivers included per booking. Remember to bring a trusty credit card for the $800 damage deposit. If you have an international driver's license, please also bring your national license from your home country in case of insurance claims or in the event of any roadside check by police or traffic violation stops. Note: CanaDream orientation will be done in small groups to make sure everyone gets a full understanding of the RV and how it works, including key winter safety precautions. With this in mind, expect to have a short wait if you arrive at a busy time. But don’t worry, we will have a lounge with ample refreshments and snacks to tide you over, plus you'll have a few dozen new friends to start meeting. We recommend doing some grocery shopping before the festivities begin so you have snacks and meals to hand. The closest grocery store en route to SunPeaks can be found in your Day 8 app under ‘Maps’. Note: Since the RV storage spaces are small, do your best to pack light, and in a soft shell suitcase you won’t mind tossing under the RV. There is a large lockable storage space to keep your skis, boots & empty luggage to maximize indoor space.

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