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Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 13th September 2018

Your questions answered

It’s no secret that The Ski Week team are huge fans of a good ol’ road trip. We get a lot of questions about what life is like living out of a motorhome... especially in the winter. So we’ve put together a short list of commonly asked questions to give you a real taste of what #VANLIFE with us is all about. 1. Are these RVs safe to drive in the winter? Absolutely. These puppies were built for Canadian winter road conditions and can get you from A to B, safe and sound. The Ski Week, alongside partner CanaDream, provides a full orientation and walk through of your vehicle and its features before setting off for the week. All vehicles are custom built for anything you might encounter and come with with snow chains, however, all the roads we travel on during our road trip are well maintained, and if bad weather comes in we take our time before heading to our next destination or spend an extra night! 2. Will it be cold living in an RV in Feb & March? HECK no! The RVs are insulated with you in mind and fully equipped with everything necessary to ensure you are kept warm and dry inside. This includes a thermostatically controlled furnace that you can set to your desired temperature for maximum comfort. All the windows come with insulated panels and blankets so all that heat is locked in and nicely contained. Trust us, it gets pretty toasty at times! 3. Is there enough space to live in these vehicles for a week? There is a reason why they call them “motorhomes,” since these vehicles are built to accomodate a family of 5 comfortably (i.e. you and all your besties) for long-haul road trips. Some key facts about your “motorhome” for the week:
  • The storage locker underneath the back of the vehicle has ample storage for 5 additional friends (if only it was heated!), so this is where you put your skis, suitcase, and beer to chill.
  • The bathroom has a furnace vent making it an ideal place to dry wet gear, including boots and jackets, and a great place to store these items out of your way.
  • Kitchens are fully equipped. You can prepare a michelin star meal in these things and all sit around the dining room table that expands out once you are parked, perfect for family meal time.
  • The shower & toilet are fully usable since water pipes are all winterized, but we recommend showering at our designated shower stops so you don’t need to fill up on water every day.
  • There is plenty of storage throughout the inside of the RV for all of your stuff, including two closets in the back with hangers and cupboards and drawers throughout.
The Ski Week has arranged bathrooms and showers at each stop so you can freshen up after your day on the mountains. We also check in to a hotel for a mid-week rest stop… after all, all adventurers deserve some pampering from time to time. 4. Will I miss all the parties if I am a driver? The Ski Week has strategically planned our schedule so you will never have to miss a party because of the need to drive. Each drive between resorts will be due to happen right after you get off the slopes, and before the party starts at the next destination. And since we drive every other day, drivers get a good break between hitting the road. In any case, the drive between each ski hill is short enough that you aren’t doing any long hauls when tired, and luckily, you have your bed a stone’s throw away so that you can power nap post power ski! Our ethos at The Ski Week also includes doing everything at your own pace, and this road trip adventure is no different. If at any point you don’t feel up to driving, then take your time. After all, this is your vacay! 5. Can I legally drive an RV in Canada? Anyone can drive an RV so long as you have a valid driver's license from your home country. If in doubt, do a quick google search. Each RV gets a minimum of 2 registered drivers on the vehicle so you can easily split the drive throughout the week between friends. Full insurance coverage is included in our price. The Ski Week also puts together a comprehensive map of pit stops along our route so you know where to stop for gas (and coffee, of course!) Not sure yet? See what some of our guests have said from our road trip last year! "Hotel on wheels taking you to the first chair up on every mountain" - Jenn F, Toronto "Did we just become best friends? - Everyone on ski week, to each other" - Stuart M, New York "The Ski Week Canada redefines road trip. There is no better feeling than hitting the slopes with 100 new friends and hitting the road for another adventure." - Tina B, Toronto Watch out our 2019 Trailer:

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