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Vojtech Hejda

By Vojtech Hejda

Posted on 20th December 2017

We like to make sure you are fully equipt for the week by arming you with all destination specific particulars, including everything from weather and time zones to safety tips and other costs to expect during the week.

Customs and Immigration

Please visit VisaHQ to check what documents and visas you may need to enter the country. Remember to include the countries that you are travelling through to get to your final destination, if applicable.


Expect temperatures between 0°C and 11°C (32°F - 52°F).

Time Zone
In winter, the Colorado is 7 hours behind GMT (GMT-7).

Personal Safety
All The Ski Week events are extremely safe. However, as you will find yourselves in unfamiliar surroundings, we recommend that you follow some basic precautions. We’ll lay it out simple for you:
  • Lock your hotel room and lockers when you leave and store expensive possessions, travel documents, and extra cash in a hidden spot.
  • Stay with other TSW guests and staff whenever possible.
  • Avoid parties and venues not on the itinerary or recommended by TSW.
  • Walking home in the cold alone is not not a good idea. No one wants to leave a party alone, so buddy up some friends to accompany you home.
  • Wear proper gear both on and off the mountains. Refer to our Essentials Packing List for the full list of everything you will need!
Onsite, The Ski Week has the means to contact authorities when necessary. In the event of an emergency, please find a crew member immediately. The emergency number in the USA is 911. 


If you bring any electrical appliance to the USA, you may need an adaptor to fit the US electrical receptacles. You may also need a converter to change the voltage from from your country’s standard to 120 volts.

Local Currency
The local currency is American Dollar.  Foreign currency isn’t accepted, but most venues, restaurants and rental shops will take card.

Additional Costs
You will have to cover your own food and drinks throughout the week. Expect to pay about $20 for lunch, $30-50 for dinner and $5 for a beer. Ski/board rental ($200-300) is possible to add if needed as well. There are also numerous additional activities that you may wish to participate in - please see our Activities & Themes page for pricing.

Personal Travel Insurance

By booking with us, you are not covered by a personal travel insurance policy. It is your responsibility to have personal travel insurance for the duration of your trip and that it covers activities such as skiing. We highly recommend that all guests purchase such a policy. Safety first, folks.

Anything we missed?

Check out the FAQ page on our website or email

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