What To Wear at TSW Austria

Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 8th March 2017


Our dresscode is simple: Always pack to look smart, and ski smarter.
This means wearing your best ski gear during the day, including the après-ski, and dressing smart-casual for evening events. Our goal is to create a fun an environment for everybody, while maintaining mutual respect on all sides for the benefit of our greater guest experience. We believe that if you look awesome, you'll feel awesome.
Here's an example of some outfits we love:

We will be hosting themed events throughout the week, please use the following guidelines to inform your outfit selection:

1. Lederhosen / Dirndl - In keeping with long standing tradition, we choose to wear only traditional german celebratory garb for the Oktoberfest. High quality lederhosen and dirndl rentals are available onsite, but the modern internet is a hotbed of outfit sourcing inspiration.
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2. Fancy faux fur & Majestic headwear - Think alpine chic, meets game of thrones, meets eccentric bohemian style. Floor length fur cloaks, chunky knitted sweaters,  bavarian style headpieces and creative outfitting are welcome for the open-air Mountain Banquet. Animal onesies, and novelty gimmicks are not.
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3. As one of the judging criteria, Pond Skim is your opportunity to go all-in with the creative outfits. Inflatable T-Rex’s are welcome, at your own risk. Here are some visual cues on what we love to see:

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