Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 9th May 2016

Racysuits jumped on board with Ski Week Aspen this year joining 450+ international skiers for what is, in our opinion, the best mountain top après-ski festival in the world.  As we all know, a new relationship is very exciting. There’s an electric energy that keeps you up all night and has you smiling all day. Yep, The Ski Week and Racysuits are in the honeymoon phase of a magical new partnership. What started as a light flirtation now feels like a life long bond. Soul mates?

Photography by: James Thompson

Racysuits founder, Marina Barnes, showed up with a suitcase packed with custom ski suits and one item on her agenda - get some kick ass people in her awesome new line of après ski suits. Running a free rental program out of her cabin from 6am - 9am each morning accomplished this goal. Suits were picked up each morning before slopeside yoga and dropped off each evening after each après-ski party. Maybe the occasional suit was slept in and then returned the following morning. We applaud those people.


Photography by: James Thompson

Career highlights come in many forms. Upgrading to the corner office? Having your name engraved on the door? Marina’s dream is working amongst adventure enthusiasts, cloaking them in neon spandex and watching them from the chair lift as they blaze downhill. The Ski Weekers of Aspen Ski Week 2016 have helped in this dream by making Racysuits history. Never before have that many Racysuits graced a mountain at one time!


Photography by: James Thompson

Based on the custom ski suits worn by her grandfather in the 1980s, Marina has made it her mission to bring this style back to the snow. A special thanks to everyone who joined the #RacysuitsSquad this season and the epicness you brought to our brand.


We would like to formally thank you for being awesome and offer all Ski Weekers a special discount rate on our new collection! Click here to unlock the secret Ski Week discount code 🙂

Until next year,

Team Racysuits



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