Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 18th March 2016

I gotta say friends, if the journey is the reward then we’re looking at one hell of a good time. Day 5 brought more sunshine, more stoke and more shred. Despite the fact that the snow was hardpack at this point, looking around at the gleaming, majestic alps, my heart skipped a few beats. It’s in these moments of splendor that the saying rings truer than ever -  

“If you’re lucky enough to go on The Ski Week. You are lucky enough”

Today was the day of the legendary ‘Parade of Nations’. We pridefully attached our flags to our poles and zoomed down the hill bringing with us a wave of vibrant colours. I can only imagine how beautiful the scene must have been if you were seeing it from afar.

Now, I thought I’d give you a few pro-tips/lessons learned for your week in Obertauern:

1. Skiers - If you’re cool with riding with a backpack, bring an extra pair of shoes for the apres. Nothing fancy, but a solid pair that you can whip out and cut a rug in for a few hours. Trust me, you and your ease of mobility will be envied by others who awkwardly giggle in their ski boots.

2. Water and vitamins are your best friends. Living in close quarters with others, exercising, probably not hydrating enough and consuming alcohol will leave your immune system to the mercy of various bugs and viruses. Stay healthy my friends! Missing out on The Ski Week sucks, but missing out when you’re literally there is far worse.


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