Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 15th January 2016

We hope that everybody gets a chance to experience The Ski Week, although inherent to our formula it's not everybody that makes it onto the trip. Those that do we welcome with open arms and champagne toasts, the only way to receive new family in the ski world. Then we take them skiing. To help you get in the right mindset we've compiled 5x essentials for any Ski Week trip, elements that represent what we stand for. 

1. Your country flag. Up there on the mountain there are no walls, boundaries or divides in culture. The walls that do exist are in place to prevent avalanche slides, the boundaries are there to make sure nobody skis into hazardous areas, and the only divide is the age old toungue-in-cheek rivalry between skiers and snowboarders. No different to the rivalry between young boys and girls (skiers). We are one family, who just happen to hang out above the clouds. Every new flag represents the diversity in our community until every time we gather at altitude becomes an unofficial summit of nations, all bound by the love of skiing. 


2. Copy of our unofficial bible, Game Of G.N.A.R. Because you don't know what it means to pole whack until you've seen Shane McConkey backflip naked all over Squaw Valley. Whether you choose to call your mother during a first descent, or simply work your way to being 'lord of claim' just make sure that your friends are there to see it. You don't have to be a pro to play the game, but it will probably make you a better skier.  And it will definitely set you up with the right attitude and approach to the greatest experience you can have with your body - skiing with your friends. 


3. Lederhosen or 80s Outfit. Region to region we like to switch this one up, but nobody can deny that the lederhosen will love forever and the 80s will never die. We challenge you to find a better time than skiing with your friends in Lederhosen, straight into a full-blown Oktoberfest with oompa loompa music and bavarian drinking traditions to boot. Or flip the coin and beak out your grandfather's one piece from back in his 'glory days', dust of those neon goggles and embrace the disco revival in all it's retro glory. You know damn well there will be an 80s après-ski party waiting for you at the discoteque, Chad.


4. Powder snorkel. Is that just a normal snorkel worn whilst skiing? Yes. Is it still functionally and fashionably brilliant? You know it. For the days so deep you need an actual plastic tube to breathe the air above the snow. While more of a metaphor for awesomeness than an actual solution, this recommendation comes Ski Week Crew girl approved. So get ready to see more faceshots than Mario Testino anthology and still be breathing nothing but that sweet, sweet O2. 


5. Ultimate Ears UE BOOM. Straight up, there is no better adventure companion to bring your sound to the slopes. Working tirelessly to innovate, these guys have produced a portable wireless speaker that is waterproof, dust proof and shock proof (we'll see about that one) that still produces an awesome sound in a sexy little package. Oh did we mention, you can wirelessly daisy chain more than one to create surround sound anywhere? Go ahead and pick one up to change your gondola rides forever, that's our pro tip for the day. Ski Week out.

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