Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 18th December 2015

Anybody who has been a part of The Ski Week knows that at the very core of our concept is community. Each gathering is a gateway into an international community of like-minded world travelers bound by a love of skiing, exploration and new experience. Some treat their destinations is the ultimate social platform, for others it's jeweled balm for the battered 9to5 spirit, where they can reconnect in an entirely new environment. What you don't know is that this community comes with a few inherent side effects, and you might just love them. 


1. Friend requests, from all over the world. Ever wanted the contact list to string together a round-the-world trip, met with high fives and open arms on every continent? You will depart from your week with sore muscles and enough new contacts to make even the most seasoned traveler blush. After all, borders were made to be crossed, right?


2. Insatiable levels of wanderlust. Alongside the friend list comes opportunity, an endless stream of chances to travel for new experience. So next time your friends call up for a sailing trip off the coast of Brasil, or a ski expedition into the Himalayas, just remember to think less and live more. Spontaneity is a gift, and beat up passports are the journal in which it writes. 


3. Profile pictures for all. You laugh, we are not kidding. With a crack team of incredible photographers to cover the magic of every event, new profile pictures are rife, and the stories behind them are even more colourful. Just don't let those pretty pixels go to waste. 


Oh, there is one more thing. How about the insight and access to the ski world that only comes from years of industry experience and secret-scouting, except this time it's all laid out for you. Just add water.

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