Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 4th December 2015

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we've partnered with lululemon athletica to bring home the wellness elements of The Ski Week and create some truly special ski-yoga experiences in your city. The benefits of adding yoga practice into your routine are profound as they are numerous, but looking deeper into how yoga can improve your ability as a skier raises some fascinatingly applicable action points. On top of helping you de-stress, listen to your body and send positive ripples through your everyday life, but it doesn't stop there. 

Pursuing yoga with as a skier with performance in mind will open up a whole new world of possibility. First up is the massive benefit of safeguarding your body against the physical stresses and potential risks inherent to downhill skiing and snowboarding. A yoga loving skier will have built up a solid defense made up of physical strength and flexibility that does wonders to prevent injury from high speed bumps and bruises. Sounds trivial now, but when you leave the slopes looking like a sack of (albeit cute) bruised peaches, all those spandex leggings and early mornings start to look a little more inviting. Not to mention the power and control that dedicated physical conditioning will add to your quiver, developing your core strength first, then working outward from there is a guaranteed recipe for improvement. If you've ever found that your skiing ability plateaus at a certain level, taking to the slopes with a renewed confidence and command in your physical ability will do wonders to help you break into more intensive, dynamic skiing. The final secret is in the grey matter. Yoga is unparalleled in it's ability to bring calm and focus to your mind. Embrace this element and super-tune your senses to be totally present in the moment, not only will you find a heightened state of awareness on the mountain but you will definitely have more fun too. Your presence is a gift, don't you ever forget that.


Of course, this is all talk until we bring the experience to you. We already hosted a wonderful session in Stockholm, next up we have a special situation happening at Hub Seventeen in NYC this weekend. Then hold onto your mats, because we're bringing the TSW Yoga series to London and Munich too! And we haven't even talked about the mountains yet...


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