Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 8th December 2015

High up in the Chilean Andes lies a very special secret, one that will change the way you think about skiing. The tiny mountain towns of La Parva and Valle Nevado sit among 5500m peaks on all sides, overlooking sprawling pistes and gnarly backcountry lines as far as the eye can see. 

How are the slopes so empty? I hear you ask. Partly because Chile is in the southern hemisphere, think about it. That means no longer do we have to endure 8 months of ‘summer’ flanked by other meaningless seasons. Today you can actually hop on a plane in mid-August and escape to the mountains, spending the week sending powder face-shots to your friends back home while they sweat it out in the big city. We scouted Chile last year and found the holy grail of summertime skiing. Come August 2017 we’re going back, except this time we're inviting all our friends (that’s you guys). 

We'll kick off the week with a 24 hr exploration of Chile's capital, Santiago, before catching a short transfer up to the mountains. Once we reach altitude, the mountains belong to us. Expect full days of skiing, on-mountain après-ski fueled by classic Chilean pisco sours, snowshoe hikes, and maybe even a little heli-skiing...

So the question is, who’s up for the summer ski expedition of a lifetime?

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