Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 27th November 2015

Maybe it's all that food and family, but this Thanksgiving business has really given us the warm and fuzzies. In case you lovely Americans forgot we are a (very) European company, which means that while you are carving up Turkeys around the country, we are busy planning your next winter adventure. By the fire. With a glass of wine. Which leads me to my next point, we've got a treat for you. We are primed and poised to offer you and (and the rest of the world) the gift of experience this Black Friday. Simple, yet timeless, like the memories we imagine are made around that beautiful golden brown bird of yours.

Good things come to those who lead the pack, things like fresh lines, crispy bacon and free puffys. Book any apartment or cabin on The Ski Week before midnight on Cyber Monday, and we'll hook you up with the Mountain Standard MS020 Goose Down Jacket. Simple as that.

Did we mention there is a ladies version too?

Hook your friends up, then we'll hook you up. All that's left is to sit back and bask in the glory of a decision well-made, safe in the knowledge that your winter vibe is on point. Ahead of you could be a week of pop-up champagne bars and unforgettable après-ski parties, set to a backdrop of powder trees and picture perfect groomers. Will you choose to ski with the muggles? Or get out there and mix it up with your newfound international circle of world travelers? 

This is the gift of experience.


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