Leo Alsved

By Leo Alsved

Posted on 14th October 2015

The Ski Week's older, summer-loving brother, The Yacht Week, hits double figures this year and plan on celebrating their 10th birthday accordingly: with a weekend-long party in our beloved hometown, Stockholm. If you know The Yacht Week, you know they like to party, so this will be no small homecoming that's for sure.

The Yacht Week will be blowing out the candles in style as they remember the good old days where they started out with only 30 yachts in Croatia, as well as celebrating their ever-expanding future with 1 500 yachts to their fleet across 50 event weeks. Over the past ten years The Yacht Week have met the most incredible people from around the world, no doubt the guest list will be a smörgåsbord of festive internationals. A recipe for revelry. 

Did we mention everyone will be staying on a 290ft steel ship which is moored in the center of Stockholm? Proof that The Yacht Week can happen anywhere - you just need the right people.

Look at that beauty - how can you resist?


The AF Chapman will be the headquarters for 150 international guests over the weekend and host the official pre-party before the 10th Year Anniversary party on Saturday evening. Weekend tickets are £200/person including Saturday dinner and 2 nights on the boat. Get yours here and join us in Stockholm for an unforgettable weekend!

If you've done The Ski Week, you're automatically a part of The Yacht Week family and vice versa. So, here's a chance to mingle with other Ski Weekers before you meet up with them on the mountains next year.

See you champs in Sweden ✌️

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